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Poker Cheat or Just Too Good? SallyWoo vs. Gus Hansen.

Even the best of the best can still lose big. Gus Hansen, the three time World Poker Tour winner and one of People magazine's sexiest men alive (back in 2004), lost a whopping $8,461,472 in online poker for 2013. It's safe to say that this would probably affect even the best of us, and might lead some to be a little frustrated with the game of poker.
It seems that this frustration was unleashed as Hansen made some accusations of cheating against fellow online poker player SallyWoo. The argument began over what should happen if someone disconnects during a hand, but quickly escalated from there. Here is part of the conversation that took place:

SallyWoo: what are u trying to get at with those questions?
SallyWoo: u think im pulling an angle?
Gus Hansen: just seemed funny that you chose to close the table down
SallyWoo: but i didnt choose that now did ii
Gus Hansen: if not you then who closed the table down
SallyWoo: u dont listen
SallyWoo: it was NEVER closed
SallyWoo: i had 2 tables open all day, 2nd one doesnt show its in the background
Gus Hansen: ok fair enough
SallyWoo: u should understand this
SallyWoo: for some reason when u left it pushed new one up front, maybe cause new one had more money at it? idk and dint notice
Gus Hansen: anyways - asked my friend about it - he thinks you should pay back the 4K - think it over - and do whatever you feel like
SallyWoo: wait, who is this friend
SallyWoo: and i thought our deal way we NEVER bet if guy dc
SallyWoo: but if he dc after we bet its on him
SallyWoo: i just 3 bet and then u dc
SallyWoo: am i in wrong here?
Gus Hansen: like I said think it over and do as you please
SallyWoo: do u think i did something wrong here?
Gus Hansen: nope you 3 bet nothing wrong with that
SallyWoo: i can assure u i dont angle over 4k, i have ZERO history of that
SallyWoo: in 12 yrs of onmline play (yes ive been around that long and im older than u)
Gus Hansen: dont think age gives any credit
SallyWoo: obvi not
SallyWoo: pointing out i have a long history of playing with integrity
Gus Hansen: I know that
SallyWoo: and this "friend" of yours told u i closed the table, when i didnt
SallyWoo: and i explained why, this "friend" should have also seen what happened
Gus Hansen: the computer program right by your side - could be slippery slope
SallyWoo: ?
SallyWoo: huh
SallyWoo: are you accusing me of cheating?
Gus Hansen: and funny enough all the guys taking about integrity is you KPR and Cotton like you have to prove something
Gus Hansen: nope I am not
Hattenford (Observer): confirmed Gus, i was here to, he didnt close it
Gus Hansen: accusing you of cheating
Gus Hansen: of course not
SallyWoo: you accused me of closing tables to pull and angle and then have a computer prgram next to me, thats out of line imo
Gus Hansen: Please tell me that will swear right hear that you dont have a O8 computer program
Gus Hansen: anyways - I dont have a case in court - but I doubt any poker player would rule that you should keep the 4K
SallyWoo: you really are accusing me of this gus?
Gus Hansen: do whatever you think is right
SallyWoo: tell me upfront
Gus Hansen: I am not accusing you of anythjing
SallyWoo: what was our deal with dc, i will always honor it now and in future
Gus Hansen: I believe you have an O8 program - thats all I said
SallyWoo: i thought deal was if either player dc we return btns (i have done that for u 30 times)
SallyWoo: and if guy dc we check it down
Gus Hansen: maybe 130
SallyWoo: but if he dc after we bet its on player?
Gus Hansen: 571
Gus Hansen: ok
SallyWoo: im honoring our deal, as i always have
SallyWoo: what is 130 and 571?
Gus Hansen: times you have paid me back after disconnect
SallyWoo: every time u have those short dc dont i always adjust btns for u?
Gus Hansen: I havent said you didnt
Gus Hansen: just enjoyed your exaggeration
SallyWoo: state the deal with dc and i will honor it, always have, but u were the one when we made deal that said if guy dc AFTER we bet its on him
SallyWoo: i remeber the conversation vividly
Gus Hansen: not sure we specifically said that
Gus Hansen: but this was preflop
SallyWoo: we did, ill ask FT to retrieve chat if they will, can u have them do it? i give you them and u permission to read it
Gus Hansen: whatever
Gus Hansen: since this was probably last time we played - I just wanna add it was funny you were so offended of me saying you have an O8 computer program - since obviously you do
SallyWoo: ohh lord gus, i dont cheat
SallyWoo: i did nothing wrong here, ill ask ft for our conversation about our deal and send it to u on twitter or something
Gus Hansen: lol - I guess you are trying to start a career as a politician, since you like to answer in east when the question came from west

This exchange seems to have divided the poker community as some are siding with Hansen, while others believe SallyWoo has done nothing wrong. HishStakesDB user MusicalJustice posted, 'SallyWoo, KPR16, and cottonseed1 are all really secretive and weird players who hide their long term results and won't play each other because they are "friends". And cottonseed1's graph was so weird---just going up up up and no downs, that it makes him that much more suspicious. Then he yanks down his long term graph because he's paranoid it's going to look unnatural and he'll get busted for cheating."

In SallyWoo's defense, HighStakesDB Administrator JoyToys replied, 'Whose graphs keep on going up and up? I know you can't see them on here as the three people mentioned have opted out, but I can tell you that KPR16 and SallyWoo's graphs for 2013 are anything but straightforward. Yes, they are both decent winners, but both have suffered seven figure swings in both directions. Yes, they are very profitable, but then again they have been specialists dedicated to their particular disciplines for years, and both clearly have an edge on Gus, and this is where they have won most of their money.

On the other hand, JoyToys does reserve some doubts, stating, 'That said, I find it odd that he seemed to be deliberately avoiding answering the "o8 program" question, but that isn't necessarily an admission of guilt."

What do you think? Was Hansen out of line or is SallyWoo a mechanic? Please share your thoughts and comments on our Facebook page.


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