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(1) Mark Wilson - Co-Founder / CEO

In 2000 Mark became a venture capitalist with Rubicon Venture Partners based on his contacts within the Silicon Valley technology and venture community. Mark was the driving force along with Scott Orr with the formation of Sorrent (now known as Glu Mobile) in 2001. Mark and Scott were responsible for the entire wireless cell phone gaming sector in the Silicon Valley. Glu Mobile went public in 2007 on NASDAQ with a market cap of $364 million. Not since the late 1990's has the telecom sector seen such a wave of investment. Start-up cellular carriers raised at least $1 billion, according to San Francisco investment bank Rutberg & Co, compared with just $100 million in the three years from 2002 to 2004. More recently, after launching Sorrent Mark focused his talents on D2C Games, Inc., a Silicon Valley publisher of interactive software game products that were digitally distributed "Direct 2 Consumers." Mark was a member of D2C's Board of Directors from the inception of the company representing RVP and in 2009 was appointed as CEO and Chairman of the Board of the company.

Everyone will find something they love to play in this package," said Trip Hawkins, founder and CEO of The 3DO Company. "The simple interface makes it easy for both savvy players and novices to jump in and play, even over the Internet, and the rich sound effects and graphics make for an absorbing experience that's just plain fun."

(2) James Alan Cook - Co-Founder / Legal and Business Affairs

Jamie has been an attorney and executive in the interactive entertainment industry for over 30 years. He joined the original Atari, Inc. in 1981 as Vice President and Counsel of Atari's Home Computer Division. In 1993, Jamie joined The 3DO Company as General Counsel. He was a member of 3DO's executive management team (EVP, Legal and Business Affairs) and also a director of the company's subsidiaries in London and Tokyo. Jamie managed legal affairs for 3DO through its IPO and commercial release of 3DO Interactive Multiplayer (the world's first CD-ROM based interactive entertainment system). Jamie graduated from Dartmouth College and from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. He has been admitted to practice law in California, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia. In 2010 Jaime Cook joined Gaikai, Inc. as chief legal counsel, an open cloud gaming platform based out of Southern California. Gaikai was recently purchased by Sony for $380 million in 2012.

(3) Fadi Yaghnam - CCO

Founder of Digicoal Design and TXT2 Marketing LLC, a graphic, web design, and marketing company devised in 2007. Built relationships with Fortune 500 companies through freelancing. Focused on building brands and identities for start ups, and through collaborations with Perlovich Productions created animations, websites and graphics, helping secure over millions in funding. He also created marketing tools and packages to help boost sales and initiate new leads. Clients included; Tik Games, MTV, VH1, Forescout, Google, Vidyo, Keynote, Victory Tactical Gear, Keynote, and Michael Jordan.

(4) Robin Naber - VP of Business Development

Robin is a marketing and business development executive with hands on experience in the high-tech startup environment. At Vegas Games, Robin initiates, evaluates and structures strategic management, sales and marketing. Robin also manages brand awareness through the self-replicating viral process. Prior to Vegas Games, Robin consulted at Century 21 Realty Alliance and positioned the company to be in its top 10 of 8000 other franchises. Robin graduated from California State University of Long Beach, where he earned a Bachelor of Science- Business Administration in Finance, Law and Real Estate.

(5) Abe Batshon - Director of Business Development

Music industry executive with 7+ years experience in digital music technology. Previously worked at INgrooves (Universal Music Group), where Abe managed content and product development, high profile record labels and was responsible for promoting and managing portfolios in digital format. Abe is also the founder and CEO of BeatStars, a digital audio production marketplace where thousands of music producers utilize BeatStars' platform and applications to license compositions worldwide.

(6) Jamil Stubbs - IT Engineer

Jamil Stubbs has had a passion for computers and technology for nearly all his life. At the age of ten, he was programming games in BASIC on the Commodore VIC 20. After college he was employed at a start-up company named InfoGear, where he assisted with server-client technologies for mobile devices. His next employer Cisco Systems, helped define the devotion and skills that became embedded in his work ethics. While working at Cisco, he was first exposed to Linux and he has been directly involved in numerous Linux-dependent initiatives ever since then. After leaving Cisco, Jamil would provide services to SONY SCEA and Namco, performing a variety of roles such as IT Manager, Game Designer, Project Manager and managing IT/ Network Design. Jamil's work experiences and exemplary talent are now being leveraged by Vegas Games to create dynamic platform infrastructures that can accommodate the scope of online and mobile games, and related services the Company plans to introduce.

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Vegas Games Inc.

Vegas Games Inc. is a forward thinking Silicon Valley-based company creating all games in Flash and HTML5 for the largest social and mobile platforms. Originally published by the founder of Electronic Arts and 3DO; Trip Hawkins in 1999, 3DO first released the Award-Winning Vegas Games on the Playstation 1, Gameboy and PC. Since 2012, Vegas Games has been under redevelopment and will strive to bring back the same cutting edge fan experience we once had. In 2013 we're commited to bringing the Vegas Games experience to your favorite device.

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